Pan Code D1000 wireless mini keyboard

I bought something interesting today. It's a Pan Code D1000 wireless keyboard.
Works over RF and the box promises that it will work on Windows, Mac and PS3. It also works on Ubuntu out of the box. I've been looking at similar devices for a while. I've had 3 wireless keyboard mouse combos over the years to fill the need for a physical keyboard.

Most things can be done over SSH but sometimes maybe once a month or even daily during setup phases of your media server you need a physical keyboard. Digging out a full sized one is just a bit overkill. This keyboard is not for writing a thesis or emails, but if all you need is to open some web video service like YouTube, yle areena, BBC iPlayer or Hulu then this is the best I've come across so far. It even has a powerful LED backlight that can be enabled from a button. When enabled the backlight will turn on every time you press a key. The device has a on/off switch that can be used to preserve battery. It  also has an inbuilt litium-ion battery that charges over mini-usb. There is a small touchpad on the right of the device for moving the mouse. All the buttons seem to work and even map relatively correctly on ubuntu, this can obviously be tweaked to suit your personal needs. Tested on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

This cost me 39 € in Stockman during "Hullut Päivät" which is a basically just a fancy sale that Stockmann organizes twice a year,  retails normally for 60-70€ in Finland.

UPDATE: 7.12.2011
I decided to put in a tiny update on this since this text gets so many hits. I've been using pan code d1000 keyboard for 2 months now and I'm still happy with it. I've used it more or less as I've imagined. ctrl + alt + right arrow, to switch virtual desktops out of mythtv and tweak some setting quickly. Things like running a GUI application to check something, enabling bluetooth, opening a browser and watching something on iPlayer. I've loaded the device only once so far about a week ago. The first out of the box charge lasted 3 weeks. I think it would still be working if I wouldn't have forgotten it on for a few days. The thump touchpad is not very practical. I think a thump stick like the one on the ione scorpius P20 or a good trackball would be better if it can be calibrated to be sensitive enough.


  1. Hello Atso Peter!

    I bought Pan Code D1000 wireless mini keyboard last monday.

    I am using it sometimes when looking Youtube videos etc. in big screen TV.

    It works also fine in computer class room, I did demonstrate it when sitting in last row of room using teachers computer and dataprojector.

    Only one small problem, I can not write @ (Alt Gr + 2), $ (Alt Gr + 4) and some other characters as I am writing them with this normal keyboard. Is it fault or is it done some other way in PAN.CODE D1000?

  2. alt gr + 2 and alt gr + 4 work for me in Windows 7 and Ubuntu Lucid and Oneiric. I only tried finnish keyboard. What operating system and keyboard language are you using ?

  3. I am using Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu 10.10.

    Keyboard language is Finnish.

    XP in my PC and Ubuntu in my Asus Eee both give number 2 with alt cr + 2.

    Now I tried my HP 6735s with Vista, first I got @,£ and $ but when I tried "[" and "]" I only got numbers 8 and 9, when I tried again to get @ and £ I only got 2 and 3 etc. as in XP and Ubuntu.

    In XP and Vista I can make missing characters with Alt and numpad but PAN.CODE does not seem to have num pad, only those numbers under Fuction keys.

    Well, I don´t normally need those missing characters but they would be nice to find somehow.

  4. It sounds like somehow it has issues with multiple keys pressed at the same time. It works via RF so it should work even without direct line of sight. Make sure you are fully charged and have line of sight and try again. I have gut feeling that the issue is that the alt gr button is not being sent or received and only the second button press gets recognized. Since it worked with your Vista once and it works on my win 7 and my different Ubuntu versions I think the mappings are fine. For some reason on your device multiple keys at the same time don't appear to work as well as on mine. I can imagine this issue if you are very far away or you have something big in front of the receiver like a computer powersource or a big tv. Mine barely works if it's behind my led tv from 3m. Some components like power sources seem to weaken the signal a lot.

    Just saying try it in optimal conditions fully charged, limited distance and line of sight.

  5. Hello Atso Peter!

    Now my Pan.Code D1000 keyboard is working normally, also @£$[] etc. are coming out.
    I am writing this text using Pan.Code.
    It only needed some more using and buttons started to function as they should.

  6. Ok really nice to hear. I've also noticed that the price for the keyboard has dropped. It's now ~45€ in Finland so it's actually reasonable.

  7. 25 eur in Prisma (Mikkeli). I think I should get one. I just have one question: can you use it as USB (non-wireless) keyboard? I'd try it with Samsung Galaxy S II.

  8. I really doubt that you can. The usb is for charging the battery only. I don't have an adapter to try it so I can't say for sure. It charges with mini usb not micro. If you want a keyboard for your phone a bluetooth one would most likely work, the pan.code d1000 is not bluetooth.

    This would most likely work as a bluetooth keyboard for your mobile phone:

    No idea where you could get one in Finland.

  9. The keyboard and touchpad works on Android! No real problems. Just use it like you would use it on computer: plug the receiver in. Of course it needs the USB OTG cable (Micro USB to USB OTG, non-manufacturer specific, I got mine yesterday for USD $2 from Hong Kong).

    Although the keyboard works, I don't know if there is much use for it. Except for the Amiga emulator maybe. And if I really need a keyboard, I can plug in a full-size USB keyboard. And a real mouse. Let's re-evaluate the need when we buy an HD TV. Maybe then I could use the phone as media source, and then the remote control would be useful. However, there is no dates set, we're on 28" wide tube for now.

    The keyboard has rather loud buttons and they require some force when typing. With the quick test I've spotted at least one key that does not always make a contact even though it clicks. And you sometimes accidentally cause a touchpad-click. I wish I could turn the touchpad clicking off. I don't use that feature in my netbook either, where accidental clicks don't happen because of the location of the touchpad.

    About the Mini-USB port on the keyboard: by connecting a normal data to a Windows XP computer, the computer says someting like "unknown device". So there might be a data connection, but is it used as a test/configuration connector at the manufacturer, or more with correct drivers (that don't exist)... I don't know. There really is very little information found from the net.

  10. I didn't even think about using the receiver with an adapter on the phone... I feel a bit silly now. Somehow I was just thinking about plugging the keyboard directly to the phone with a cable which obviously would not work.

  11. Hi,
    Now it's at 19,95€ at Anttila !

  12. Has anyone tried to use the gadget with Samsung SmartTV?

  13. Hi! I buy this and there is nothing manual. How I sync that keyboard work that usb ? Keyboard light is on but something missing. Maybe press some button to get keyboard some mode?

  14. The usb adapter should be synced to the keyboard already from the factory so it should just work.

  15. Is there any key combo get these pair together? Because my not work if I but only usb and use that

  16. Sounds like Juke yours is broken. Usb adapter plugged in to a computer + keyboard power on should be enough, there is no pairing needed.